First blog post on my new website

Hi all,

While most of you are celebrating the weekend or enjoying your vacation I’m writing my very first blogpost on my new website. Finally I can update you all on my study adventures! Not to forget about all the other experiences with Microsoft Azure, Windows Server 2016 and other Microsoft products!

Most of you don’t know me yet so here’s a quick introduction.

My name is Ellis Goudriaan and I’m currently working as an Active Directory Engineer @ SSC-ICT in The Netherlands. At this moment my focus is on Active Directory and Exchange, but I’m studying hard to become MCSE on Cloud Platform and Infrastructure (Azure).

With my blog I hope to be able to help others by sharing the knowledge and experiences I’ve had on my road to become an Azure Techie.

This is it for now! Check back soon!


PS. Soon I will be posting a new blog with my certification path…