Experts Live Europe 2017

Where to start! First of all I would like to tell you that this is an experience you must have had once in your IT carreer! Such a warm welcome and so much love for the community! I have fallen in love with Experts Live Europe, it’s organizers, sponsors, speakers and of course the attendees! 🙂

Thank you all so much! You’re all part of the great experience I’ve had! 😉

A special thanks to Marcel Zehner, Thomas Maurer and itnetX for this opportunity!


In my journal I will tell you about some of the sessions I attended. I will not tell everything, because I think you should visit Experts Live Europe yourself sometime. All speakers of the sessions are great people and are the best at what they do! So, if you don’t find more information on a certain session it doesn’t mean I didn’t like the session or speaker, but I just had to make a choice. I don’t want to lose my reader’s attention by making this Blog to long! 😉

To all speakers: If I interpreted your information incorrectly please contact me and I will correct it!

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#Tuesday the 22nd of August

I arrived at airport Tegel, Berlin early in the evening. Went straight to my hotel Hampton by Hilton, checked-in and ran off to the Park-Inn by Radisson hotel near Alexanderplatz to early register. When I walked into room “Erlich” at the 2nd floor it was packed with a lot of attendees from all over the world. You could feel everyone’s enthusiasm about Experts Live Europe and their love for the community.

When registering I met Thomas Maurer, shook his hand, introduced myself and thanked him for this beautiful opportunity. We had a little conversation about Experts Live Europe, because it was my first time there. Just some facts other attendees probably already knew, because of their former attendance. Afterwards I went back to my hotel. There I prepared myself for the first day of Experts Live Europe and went to bed early.

#Wednesday the 23rd of August

I woke up early, got up, took a quick shower, got dressed and went for breakfast. Run off to the Berliner Congress Center which was a two minute walk from my hotel. I was quite early so I was on time for the Conference Welcome Note by Marcel Zehner and the Conference Keynote by Kristian Nese.

Overview attended sessions

  • Conference Welcome Note by Marcel Zehner
  • Conference Keynote: Management as a Service – Demystified by Kristian Nese
  • Discussion Panel: Datacenter & Fabric by Thomas Maurer, Carsten Rachfahl and Michael Rüefli
  • Stay secure in a modern IT world by Andreas Baumgarten and Frank Solinske (ended up in the wrong session about Why you should care about Docker – an introduction by Marc Müller)
  • Sponsor Session: Savision – IT doesn’t have to be so SCOMplicated with OMS by Bob Cornelissen
  • Azure Hybrid Infrastructure – Trends and news by Benedict Berger
  • Azure Stack – Everything you need to know! by Thomas Maurer and Carsten Rachfahl

There was a closed networking party on the first day. Only for the organizers, sponsors and VIP attendees. So afterwards I went back to the hotel, grabbed a bite and took a walk through the neighbourhood for a little sightseeing.

Conference Welcome and Keynote

As everyone was still waking up, Marcel Zehner brought life in to the beautiful conference room of the Berliner Congress Center. His enthusiasm and him calling out to all the countries present at Experts Live Europe made everyone wake up and participate.

Kristian Nese took us on a journey about how Management as a Service changed the landscape of IT operations and showed us the latest innovations in the platform and management services. One of those innovations was presented by a representor of Mercedes.

It was a great welcome and the journey made everyone’s enthusiasm even stronger!

Welcome by Marcel Zehner

Discussion Panel: Datacenter & Fabric

I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the conference room and took a seat. Luckily I wasn’t the only one there who felt the same. Thomas Maurer, Carsten Rachfahl and Michael Rüefli started by introducing themselfs to the audience. Than there was the opportunity to ask questions about “Datacenter & Fabric” related subjects. Everyone was still overthinking what to ask, so they started asking the audience some questions to get the discussion going.

The discussion started and before we all knew it the time was over. Most of the questions were Azure and Azure Stack related. It’s THE subject that returned quite a few times.

Azure Stack – Everything you need to know!

Thomas Maurer and Carsten Rachfahl told us everything we needed to know on Azure Stack. They told us what Azure Stack is, what Azure Resource Manager does, how to build Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates, how to use the Azure Stack Development Kit, what the Azure Stack Integrated Systems look like, how to integrate Azure Stack into your datacenter and how to get your own Azure Stack.

#Thursday the 24th of August

The program started at 8am this morning. Earlier than the day before, but it started with a bang! 🙂

Overview attended sessions

  • Modern cybersecurity threats, and shiny new tools to help deal with them by Tudor Damian
  • Take your Azure AD and Intune Management Sills to the Next Level with Microsoft Graph API and PowerShell! by Jan Vidar Elven
  • Sponsor Session: HPE – HPE’s implementation of the integrated system for Microsoft Azure Stack by Andreas Wolf
  • Open Stack with Hyper-V by Carsten Rachfahl
  • Azure Automation – Advanced Runbook Design by Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen and his colleague Andreas Sobczyk
  • Getting started with Windows Containers, Docker and Azure by Thomas Maurer
  • How to put Azure Governance in Action by Daniel Neumann and Eric Berg

After the sessions there was a networking party for all attendees of Experts Live Europe. It went quite late for most of the attendees! 😉

Modern cybersecurity threats, and shiny new tools to help deal with them

The first session was about Modern cybersecurity threats, and shiny new tools to help deal with them by Tudor Damian. He showed us how easy it is for just normal people like you and I to collect information on someone to build a malicious e-mail with malware attached. We all know of malicious e-mail and the consequence of opening a malicious attachment, but it was a great reminder.

Tudor told us about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that all companies and organizations are forced to use from the beginning of 2018. He also told us about how to better secure our environments and data against hackers with Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.

Modern cybersecurity by Tudor Damian

Open Stack with Hyper-V

This session was about how to build an Open Stack ‘private cloud’ with Microsoft Hyper-V as your virtualisation tool. This was quite interesting, because I never heard of Open Stack and Microsoft supporting Hyper-V running under Open Stack. Open Stack is simular to Azure Stack, but it’s ‘open source’ and completely ‘private’. No connections to any servers in other datacenters than your own.

Carsten showed us a few things about Open Stack and gave us enough material on where to find the information needed to build our own Open Stack environment with Microsoft Hyper-V.

How to put Azure Governance in Action

One of the important things people forget when they are going to use Azure. Daniel Neumann and Eric Berg did a great job telling us about this subject and learned us how to use Resource Groups, Resource Tags and Resource Locks. They also showed us how to secure our environments with Role-Based Access Control and how Azure Security Center can help us during the process.

#Friday the 25th of August

The last day of Experts Live Europe. The last sessions and of course the Conference Closing Note by Marcel Zehner.

Overview attended sessions

  • Conditional Access in Azure AD and Intune by Jan Ketil Skanke
  • Discussion Panel: Azure by Daniel Neumann, Eric Berg and Kristian Nese
  • Explore the next level of a secure administration environment using JEA / JIT by Michael Rüefli
  • Sponsor Session: Ivanti – Cyber threats are evolving. How will you? by Duncan McAlynn
  • Windows Server – What is next in Redstone 3 by Thomas Maurer
  • Conference Closing Note by Marcel Zehner

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be present at the closing drinks. I had to leave early, because I was flying back home.

Conditional Access in Azure AD and Intune

Jan Ketil Skanke told us everything about conditional access in Azure AD and Intune. Showed us how to configure conditional access and how multifactor authentication works. Also that Azure learns how a user works and recognizes inconsistencies in a user’s logon procedure. Jan had a few demo’s prepared that actually showed us situations where multifactor authentication was needed.

Conditional Access by Jan Ketil Skanke

Explore the next level of a secure administration environment using JEA / JIT

Michael Rüefli learned us about how to secure our environment better with using Just-Enough-Administration and Just-in-Time-Administration. That means that the accounts of administrators do not have administrator privileges indefinitely. The administrator’s account has only administrator privileges for a limited time. After the time expires the administrator privileges are withdrawn from the administrator’s account and the account becomes a normal user without administrator privileges. This means if you are hacked you minimize the change to get your Active Directory and your environment to be compromised.

Windows Server – What is next in Redstone 3

Thomas Maurer informed us on new features in Windows Server (codename: Redstone 3). A big warning message was projected on the screen, because everything could still change! 🙂 I can tell you every new feature that was presented, but it’s safer if you keep informed by Microsoft. The most important question: “When is RS3 going to be available?”. The answer: “RS3 will align with the Windows Fall 2017 Release”.

Conference Closing Note

For the last time this conference Marcel Zehner went on stage. Pictures taken during the conference were showed on the big screen. The pictures gave a good impression of the conference. It showed happy, but also serious faces. Happy, because it’s so much fun to be a part of Experts Live Europe! Serious faces, because you don’t want to miss a single bit of information!

The Trivia was a trip down memory lane for most of the speakers and attendees. So many beautiful, funny and serious moments. One big happy family!

Afterwards the sponsors had a moment to announce the winners of the contests they organized.

Marcel Zehner closed this year’s Experts Live Europe by thanking everyone: organizers, sponsors, speakers and of course the attendees. See you next year!!!

Closing Note by Marcel Zehner